DB Productions has indigenously developed various Virtual Studio Solutions specifically for Broadcast and Films. Our Virtual Studio Solutions seamlessly integrates into any existing on-air graphics setup. 

We provide the complete turnkey solution for the Virtual Studio Solution for the Broadcast Channels including the Indigenously Developed Virtual Studio Engine, Indigenously Developed Camera Tracker, Techno Creative Services (3D Virtual Environments, AR) and Election Graphics Data Integration with AR. 

Our Virtual Studio Solutions are available in the below formats,

Our Virtual Studio Solutions enables you to create high-end, real-time 3D virtual environments that can be used in chroma based or LED based. Our Virtual Studio Solutions key features include Extended Reality Tool, Augment Reality Tool, 3D Virtual Environments, Video Enablement Tool, Chroma Keyer, Light Effect Tool, Multi Cam Set Up, Election Graphics.  

IntelliTrack is a Patented Intelligent Camera Tracking System indigenously developed by our company for the First Time in India is an opto-mechanical camera tracking system and takes less than few hours to setup and once calibrated, takes just about 3 – 5 minutes for re-calibration. IntelliTrack is an Innovative Marker less Camera Tracking System consists of sensors which are mounted on the crane itself, and no external sensors, markers or reference points are needed in the environment and does not accumulate any drift, does not require free line of sight.

IntelliTrack is compatible to Professional Film and Broadcast Cameras, compatible to Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes, Supported Lenses – Canon digital (cable), Fujinon digital (cable). IntelliTrack supports native Unreal Engine, PixR, Vizrt, Avid, Xpression, Pixotope and others and supports FREED Protocols

IntelliPod is the version of camera tracking mounted on a tripod, IntelliPod functions similar to IntelliTrack, but instead of a Jimmy Jib is mounted on a tripod

We provide Virtual Studio Solution as a service model for any of your reality shows, elections, sports events, etc. We shall understand the requirement from your team on various aspects including the required number of camera’s, number of virtual environments, number of AR elements, number of shoot days etc and provide you the services for the appropriate virtual studio solution.

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