IntelliTrack is a Make in India initiative patented optomechanical intelligent camera tracking system for Jimmy Jib cranes indigenously designed and developed by our own company. 

IntelliTrack is an Innovative Marker-less Camera Tracking System consisting of sensors that are mounted on the crane itself, and no external sensors, markers, or reference points are needed in the environment 

Broadcasters can use IntelliTrack daily to achieve Virtual, Augmented, Mixed, and Extended Reality effects in their shows.

IntelliTrack tracks cameras anywhere, indoors and outdoors. With no extra footprint – IntelliTrack captures in real time the position and orientation of the film camera, including intrinsic parameters – Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus

IntelliTrack Camera tracking lets you include Virtual or Augmented Reality effects to your set and make your scenes come alive. Virtual effects are especially fitting for big elections, sports and e-sports shows, and live entertainment events like concerts or ceremonies. IntelliTrack integrates seamlessly with all standard rendering engines and also supports direct integration with Unreal engine.

We are convinced that the future of Virtual Production will be 100% real-time!

IntelliTrack can be effectively used for Virtual Productions, Television Channels – News, GEC, Sports, Election News Etc., Live Shows and Events

IntelliTrack once calibrated does not require re-calibration.  Calibration is automatic after power-up. IntelliTrack System does not accumulate any drift and takes minimal time to set-up (less than few hours) 

Several units of IntelliTrack can be linked together and share on-set settings to deliver multiple camera tracking. No need for special floor surfaces and No need for a free line of sight (interfering objects etc.)

IntelliTrack is Compatible with widely used Camera Cranes viz various models of Triangle Jimmy Jib and supports widely used Lenses including Canon digital (cable), Fujinon digital (cable), and seamless works with various engines viz Unreal, Aximmetry, Vizrt, Avid, Xpression, Pixotope and others

IntelliPod is similar to IntelliTrack but instead of a JIB it is mounted on a Pedestal

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