Elevating Virtual Production in Prominent Projects. At DB Productions, we take pride in our Virtual Production services that have been employed in various high-profile projects, delivering exceptional results and enhancing the overall visual experience. 

We provide you complete turnkey solution for your Virtual Production Studio set up and also provide Virtual Production Services for your projects. 

In the rapidly evolving realm of cinema, DB Productions has carved a distinctive niche by championing workflows tailored for Virtual Production. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in the meticulous processes we design, fostering a seamless blend of technology and creativity.

Our efforts have borne fruit, enabling us to unlock the unprecedented potential of these environments, allowing filmmakers to craft scenes that were once deemed unattainable due to logistical or financial constraints. We have created workflows for integration of Mocap into VP for real-time avatar interaction, integration of 360 degree videos for car driving and bike riding film making, Integration of 3D Scanned Environments using Photogrammetry.

Mastering 360-Degree Video Dynamics

At DB Productions, we are fervently pushing the boundaries of immersive filmmaking with our advanced 360-degree video capabilities. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, we have honed a workflow that facilitates the meticulous capture, enhancement, and fusion of 360-degree footage. This is especially pronounced in our specialized vehicular sequences, where viewers are not just passive observers but are transported directly into the whirlwind of action. The depth, clarity, and realism we achieve immerse audiences, letting them feel every turn, every acceleration, as if they were truly there.

Lidar Scanning and Photogrammetry

In an era where audiences crave genuine, authentic experiences, we harness the combined strength of Lidar Scanning and Photogrammetry. This powerful synergy allows us to meticulously integrate tangible assets, breathtaking architectural feats, and iconic landscapes into the realm of Virtual Production. The result? An indistinguishable blend of the real and the virtual, creating digital environments that resonate with palpable authenticity. With DB Productions at the helm, the digital realm echoes the beauty and intricacy of the real world like never before.

Bringing Stories to Life with Motion Capture

Our commitment to narrative authenticity goes beyond environments. With Motion Capture Technology, we infuse lifelike movements and emotions into computer-generated avatars, all in real-time. This intricate process creates a seamless dance between virtual characters and real-world interactions, resulting in storytelling that’s as compelling as it is visually captivating. With every frame, we ensure that the narratives are not just watched, but are deeply felt, experienced, and remembered.

Seamless Hardware Integration for Uninterrupted Creativity

Innovation is as much about software as it is about hardware. Recognizing this, we provide productions with state-of-the-art encoders meticulously designed for turntables and treadmills. This precision engineering ensures that they integrate seamlessly with our Virtual Production setups. More than just tools, these hardware solutions act as catalysts, broadening the horizons of what’s possible in production and ensuring that creative visions are realized without a hitch.

Few of our projects include the below,

Aha OTT Tamil Launch

For Aha OTT's Tamil introduction, our advanced Virtual Production took center stage. With DOP Manikandan's expertise, Singer Anirudh's dynamic performance on a moving bus was brilliantly encapsulated within our top-tier studio space.

Scalar ED Commercial

When Ed Tech leader Scalar ED needed a compelling TV commercial, they turned to us. Using a sprawling desert scene, our technology depicted students catapulting into vast opportunities, symbolizing Scalar ED's expansive educational reach.

Carat Lane Advertisement

As an extension of Tanishq, Carat Lane's modern jewelry narrative was intricately woven using our Virtual Production finesse. The advertisement for their Mogra collection radiated with the allure and sophistication of their pieces, thanks to our expertise.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Promo

For the iconic show's promo celebrating 75 years of freedom, director Arun Sheshkumar utilized our Chroma-based Virtual Production to feature the legendary Amitabh Bachchan. The result was a visually immersive tribute to India's rich history.

Times Audio Music Extravaganza

Our collaboration with Times Audio, Mumbai, led to the creation of a mesmerizing music video. By integrating our cutting-edge Virtual Production, they were able to produce visuals that perfectly resonated with their melodic tunes.

Cinematic Collaborations with Film Luminaries

Acclaimed directors Hansal Mehta and Neeraj Pandey enlisted our services for their film ventures. While Mehta captured intense driving scenes with Kareena Kapoor, Pandey orchestrated similar magic with Ajay Devgan. Our advanced LED setups enriched these moments with genuine reflections and shadows, offering an unparalleled cinematic texture.

At DB Productions, our goal is simple yet profound: to continuously redefine the parameters of filmmaking, ensuring that every story, no matter how ambitious, finds its perfect canvas. Join us on this pioneering journey into the future of cinema.

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