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We are a leading Techno-Creative firm boasting over a quarter-century of expertise, harnessing state-of-the-art technologies to craft forward-thinking solutions. We’re proud of our pioneering initiatives in India, including landmark events like the nation’s inaugural AR Live Event, Metaverse Live Concert Etc and being at the forefront with India’s initial Virtual Film Production Studio Services and Solution and India’s First Indigenously Developed Patent Camer Tracking.

Our proficiency extends across a broad spectrum: from Virtual and Mixed Reality to XR; from creating captivating Holograms to the magic of Augmented Reality; from Interactive 3D Simulations to mesmerizing Projection Mapping and Dome Projections. We’re at the cutting-edge with offerings like Lidar Scanning, Photogrammetry, 360-degree visualizations, and 3D Holographic displays.

Empowered by our deep expertise and the latest in technology, we offer unparalleled techno-creative solutions across diverse sectors.

We pioneered the introduction of Hollywood-standard VFX to the Indian film industry, contributing our expertise to 36 iconic films including the likes of Harry Potter, Narnia, and 300. Beyond Hollywood, our craftsmanship can be seen in over 100 Indian movies and a staggering 1000+ TV commercials, consistently elevating the visual experience.

We’re proud to unveil India’s premiere in Virtual Production Studio Services. With this innovation, we’re reshaping the very contours of the industry. 

Among our groundbreaking creations is the IntelliTrack™ – India’s first-of-its-kind Jimmy JIB based Patened marker-less camera tracker. In the same spirit of innovation, we birthed IntelliPod™, our unique Pedestal Based Camera Tracker, underlining our dedication to cutting-edge tech.

We have recently been a part of the most prestigious museum project of Tamil Nadu State, Kalaignar Museum, Chennai. We have conceptualized unique concepts including Illustration Projection where Printed Illustration narrates a story through the projection mapping technique, Art 2 Life where the animated character jumps between the televisions and narrate a brilliant story, Interactive Touch Wall where a real wall turns into a touch wall and projection canvas, Floor and Wall Projection where the floor and wall seamless merge to unveil the untold stores, Anamorphic LED to showcase the extravagance and Levitation Module which encompasses a floating sculpture. 

We have also been part of the Global Investors Meet Tamil Nadu where we conceptualized and installed innovative concepts including Indoor Projection Mapping and Advanced AR LED Display to showcase the prowess of Tamil Nadu. 

We have recently installed our Virtual Studio Solutions with Camera Tracker in broadcast channels including Sun TV, Kalvi TV, and Media One.

We have done various Virtual Production Films for Music albums, Brand Awareness, Product Launch etc. using our in-house Virtual Production Pipeline and Camer Tracker.

We have set up Karnataka’s first of its kind state of art Multi Media Show combining Aqua Screen Projection, Laser Projection and Dancing Fountains and Lights at JP Park, Bengaluru.

Our resources, including state-of-the-art 360-degree cameras and rigs, facilitated the production of immersive 360-degree visuals for esteemed organizations such as TCS and IIT. Additionally, our prowess was on display with the 180-degree projection crafted for the Mangalore Port Trust Launch by the Honorable Chief Minister.

In collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Government, we crafted a photogrammetry-powered Virtual Reality Showroom, transforming the way audiences engage with virtual spaces.

In another industry first, we orchestrated South India’s Inaugural Live MetaVerse Concert, harmoniously blending Motion Capture Technology for an experience like no other.

At DB Productions, we’re not just following the industry’s progress – we’re leading it. With unmatched expertise and futuristic technology, we’re committed to delivering nothing short of brilliance.

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