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DB Productions has in-house expertise, capabilities and experience to assist you in setting up state of art futuristic and fool proof Virtual Studios. We have combined expertise to deliver turnkey solution for Virtual Studios Set Up and to deliver ongoing Virtual Studio Services as per the requirement.

Our state of art Virtual Studios Solutions for Broadcast can be deployed in News, General Entertainment, Music, Kids, Sports Channels, Etc.

The Virtual Studios Solutions shall consist the below,
  • Unreal Engine ® Based Proprietary Virtual Studio and Augment Reality Software Engine
  • LED Panels: Curved LED, Flat LED, Ceiling LED, Floor LED
  • Green / Blue Screen
  • Media Servers
  • Cameras
  • Camera Tracking
  • Proprietary Encoder
  • Required JIB
  • Required Lighting


Universal Integration
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing Realtime On Air Full Frame Graphics Engine
  • Integration of Realtime Tracking Solutions
  • Import of assets created with leading 3D tools and Unreal 4 templates
Easy Setup and Operation
  • Simple Calibration, Deploy quickly and smoothly
  • Speed up operations with a turnkey solution for quick set up and calibration
  • Work with multilateral feeds in a downstream workflow from the broadcast centre
Flexible operation
  • Comfortably handle even complex productions with a single operator
  • Trigger multiple functions with command buttons
  • Communicate with tracking devices
Live Virtual Sets, AR, and video walls
  • Live Virtual Sets, AR, and video walls
  • Blend photorealistic rendering with the real world for unmatched viewer experiences
  • Map AR graphics to floor plans
Unparalleled Graphics
  • Easy setup of virtual sets, keying and AR graphics
  • Real-time rendering with the industry’s most powerful Graphics Engine
  • Superior Chroma Keyer for the perfect blending of real and virtual elements with automated setup
  • Unrivaled real-time Data-integration and visualization
  • Manage textures for use in scenes
  • Complete flexibility for using graphics in any environment
Realtime Mocap Technologies
  • Integrate Virtual Studios with our custom developed Realtime Mocap Technologies specifically developed for Broadcast industry.
  • Easily integrate CG Based interactive character in the Live Shows along with your host.
Other Key Features
  • Upto 16 Virtual Cameras from One Single Camera Source
  • Realistic Shadow and Reflection Generation
  • Multiple output formats for any end-user-platform – TV-Signal, OTT stream or video boards
  • Preview with NDI video sources
  • Control PTZ cameras using NDI
  • Tracking data is converted to camera data that can be used by the graphics engine and Unreal Engine®


Our Virtual Studio experts work with our clients to understand their needs, design the right solution, and build and install equipment from single systems to entire multi-stage XR studios.

Needs Assessment & Design: We work with you in consultative approach to understand your needs, evaluate your current infrastructure, and design the right solution for your budget.

Solution Implementation: We integrate hardware and software into your existing studio environment to implement your solution quickly.

Studio Builds: Whether you are looking to leverage LED Walls, Green screens or both, our team has the expertise to help you avoid costly mistakes and build for the future.

Sourcing and System Design: We have developed the best Virtual Studio Solutions with the required hardware and software solutions. We demystify the process of purchasing virtual production technology and help our clients save time and money.


We have advance capabilities for virtual studio production in broadcast, offering new levels of creative freedom and cost efficiency at every stage of the process.

Virtual 3D Photorealistic / Real-Time Scene Creation: Our production team can build large-scale scenes and virtual studios from scratch or scan and recreate real environments using photogrammetry, LIDAR, and AI. Your can use these real-time, cinematic scenes for principal photography on LED stages and shoot in-camera. The scenes can be altered and edited.

Occasion Specific 3D Virtual Environments: We can create unique and customized superior quality photo realistic 3D virtual environments for any of your specific requirements including but not limited to National Festivals viz Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Holi or National and State Events including Elections, Sports Tournaments etc.


Prime Time News: We can create a simple workflow which shall allow your team to create amazing augment reality-based news for daily Prime Time News.

New Age Debate Shows: We can create a spectacular virtual backdrop in which the host shall be physically present in the 3D Virtual Environment along with Large LED Display and Small LED Display. Large LED Display can accommodate multiple speakers and maximize the size of the speaker who is talking. Small LED Display can play various recorded videos and also play live feed from remote news reporters.

Election News: Election News includes Virtual Studios Engine with AR as a baseline module. Once the customer provides the concepts, maps information and other data that are required we shall develop the 3D Virtual Set and the total number of AR templates for the election coverage. The final PGM output from the PCR will be fed to the engine and AR graphics will be generated. Hardware camera tracking shall be integrated based on customer needs.

The World This Week News Story: We can create a futuristic Virtual News Story Room with the Magic Table. The Magic Table shall be a virtual augmented Magic Table where the News Presenter can walk around the Magic Table, can point on specific locations of the Magic Table and the Magic Table can display various 3D Objects and 3D Animations based on the story.


Meet The Makers: We shall create a massive Virtual 3D Backdrop. The host can interview various key dignitaries including Ministers, IAS Officers, and various decision makers of the state. The large display screen can play their department achievements. Another display can play the live feed of the video callers. We can Augment various 3D Objects related to the department. The whole show can highlight the various achievements of the government.

Our State This Week: We can create a real-time interactive 3D Avatar enabled with motion cap technology. The 3D Avatar can co-host the show and unveil the various signature events that happened in the state that week. We can Augment various 3D Objects related to the events. The whole show can also highlight the various achievements of the government.

Celebrity Virtual Reality Game Show: We can create an advanced sci fi 3d virtual backdrop. The celebrities can play the various VR games of different genre including shooting, puzzles, horror etc. These games can be played by multiple players simultaneously. The visuals of the game play shall be made visible for the viewers on the large dynamic display.

Other Use Cases: We can create specific astounding 3D Virtual Studios with dynamic displays for the below

  • Talk Shows
  • Reality Shows
  • Game Shows
  • Movie Promotions
  • Movie Review
  • Artists Interview
  • Top Movies of the Week


3D Digital Avatar: We can create a 3D Digital Avatar who can co-host the show along with the real host. The 3D Digital Avatar can be used for various shows including talking about the upcoming movies, movie gossips, movie performances, movie promotion, music review etc.

Contemporary Virtual Set: We can create an extravagant contemporary virtual set with various musical instruments and the floor can be of piano structure. The virtual set can be integrated with a large dynamic display that shall showcase the images or the videos of the star of the day and a small dynamic display in which the remote caller video or image shall be displayed. This Virtual Set can be used for the below shows,

  • Seek A Song
  • Movie Promotion
  • Movie Review
  • Trending Artists Interview
  • Selfie with Stars
  • Dub Smash
  • Top Songs of the Week

Periodic Virtual Set: We can create an elegant virtual set based on yester years. The virtual set can be developed based on the decade you may choose from. This virtual set can be used while playing old songs. We can integrate the virtual set to allow to display the song requests from the viewers.

Scenic Outdoor Virtual Set: We can create a scenic outdoor virtual set based on love theme. We can create a dynamic display that shall display the messages the viewers to send the messages to their sweethearts. This virtual set can be used while playing love songs.


New Age Ad Commercials: The Ad Commercials can be played alongside the news anchor in the Large LED Display. The likeliness of the viewers is not to switch to other channels during the ad commercials as there was no break, instead remain in the channel as the news anchor has not taken the break. This shall attract more advertisers to showcase their ads in the Television Channels due to the retention of the viewers.

Sponsor Advertisements: The sponsor’s product can be augmented in 3D and can be displayed alongside the news anchor periodically. By augmenting the 3D Objects of the advertisers alongside the news anchor, the visual appeal will be much higher than just a sticker or keeping the product on the news table. Also interestingly we can showcase multiple products instead of just one product throughout the show. This shall significantly increase the revenue for the television channels.

Advertorials (Paid Editorials): We can create 3D Virtual Environment in which the host shall present the show which shall consists Large LED Display that shall show case CEO / MD’s Speech, Brand Ambassadors Endorsement, Industry Experts Reviews, Small LED Display that shall show case AD Commercials and Augment Reality may be used to Showcase 3D Product Display, Showcase 3D Product Animations.

Unique Advertisement Revenue Opportunities
  • FMCG Products: The host can finish their scene and after that a co-host can enter the studio and the host may leave the studio and the co-host starts talking the product that needs to be advertised and the product shall be brought inside the studio in 3D and the co-host can start explaining the features and offers of the product. The ad commercials can be played in the large dynamic display.
  • Automobile: Similar to above the co-host starts talking the vehicle that needs to be advertised and the vehicle shall be brought with a zap inside the studio and the co-host can start explaining the features and offers of the vehicle. The ad commercials can be played in the large dynamic display.
  • Real Estate: Similar to above the co-host starts explaining the real state property which is displayed in Dynamic Display and now enters the dynamic display and walks inside the property and continues further explanation of the property.
  • Jewelry / Textiles: Similar to above the co-host starts talking the product that needs to be advertised shall be brought inside the studio, the products can be captured with photogrammetry and made to appear along with the co-host in the virtual studio. The co-host can start explaining the features and offers of the products. The ad commercials can be played in the large dynamic display.
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