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Storytelling has changed in 360, and we are pioneering how we tell that story. But the rule of content is king, still stands. We want to take the viewer to a place and give them an experience that they couldn’t have with traditional 2D media. As a pioneer in 360 degree VR production company, with over 25 years of experience in feature films and commercial production, we use our background in visual effects and animation to deliver the highest quality 360 experience.

VR Narrative Content Creation – Live Action 360 Video Production Services

We understand how important it is to stabilize footage and how to integrate CGI visuals in live-action 360 footage expertly.

Our live-action video production services include, Concepting the Creative, Casting talent, Video marketing strategy, Scriptwriting and editing, Storyboarding, Single-camera and multi-camera shoots, Professional video and lighting equipment, Video editing, 3D and 2D graphics, Motion graphics, Finishing and Encoding

Capturing the key moments for each video is essential. Lead by CEO Venkatakrishnan we have been known in the film and advertising fraternity across the globe for over 25 years now!

Another key component is to make sure we produce a stereoscopic video. Creating and delivering these videos in stereoscopic 360° will let the viewer enjoy the richness and depth otherwise left behind.

This constant push for creative excellence from stitching, clean-up, composite and color may make the process and production a little harder for us, but it’s worth it. The results are clear and our existing clients agree.

Overview of a typical live-action production.

For most live-action 360º video productions, there are usually three to four phases.

1. Live-Action Content Creation: This is where we go out and capture the content using specially built 360º cameras.

Cost is based on location, permits, time, talent, special equipment needs (drone for aerial shots, Mantis Rig for dolly shots, rigging for mounting cameras to vehicles) and of course the creative.

2. Live-Action Post Production Work: Once we capture the 360º content, we need to stitch each camera feed, edit, color correct, provide clean up, sound design and add graphics.

Special Needs – CGI and VFX: If we need to create something that cannot be captured with a camera (like a dinosaur or a mermaid) we need to create it using CGI. Costs are related to the creative needs.

3. How is it being delivered?

We produce a 360º orbital MP4 file that can be used on any online desktop or mobile web video player platform like YouTube or on a social platform like Facebook. We encode the video for your specific needs. We can also help upload and coordinate a launch on a client’s channel.

If you want to use the video in a VR headset or on a mobile device (like a tablet) for tradeshows or events, we recommend creating a custom Mobile App for your salespeople or brand ambassadors to use. A Mobile App can also include interactive functionality.

Productions include: All necessary crew and equipment to capture 360° footage, Director, Line Producer, AC/DIT, Art Director & Props, Vanities (wardrobe, hair & make-up), Catering and crafts, Production assistant & driver

Post Production Include: Editorial and finish of 360° movie delivered as an orbital mp4 file, Audio – sound design, needle drop music, and final mix, VFX or graphics packages

Each production is unique and we can help you in any capacity.

VR – Live Action 360 Video Production Services

Whether you are looking for a turnkey production or a team to deliver the post-production, we are your team. You are covered – the shoot list – the locations – the product – the schedule – the budget.

Our Services include, Casting, Strategy planning for an Integrated Campaign, Concept and Creative, Design, CGI, Animation, Post-Production and VFX, Audio Design