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Virtual Events, Real Experiences

At DB Productions, we have extensive experience producing virtual and streaming events that give your audience a branded, multisensory, immersive experience. We use top-of-line tools to give your guests an experience that looks and feels just like a live event.

A virtual event can be as basic as a pre-recorded meeting, all the way to a fully immersive VR experience. For most clients, we start by designing a custom user-interface that uniquely represents their brand, and then we make it an interactive experience so that a virtual viewer has many of the same options to participate and engage as your live attendees.

Engagement and Interactivity

Just like an in-person event, the key objective of virtual events is to engage the audience. We achieve high levels of engagement by creating opportunities for attendees to interact and participate with the content and other guests. We make sure that even though attendees are behind a computer screen, you can still achieve the same level of engagement as you would in-person.

Participant interaction

Live polling, virtual hand-raising, remote Q&A sessions, audience chat, and custom calls-to-action make our virtual event platform an engaging experience for your guests.