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Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch screen kiosks are great for hands-on mapping and navigation. Wall mounted or stand alone, We have a range of navigation touch kiosks in sizes upto 98″. We have produced double units, where a lower display is used for interactivity and the upper display for information. We have produced systems that are vandal-proof and able to be used in public environments or even outdoor.

Tablet & Mobile Phone Interfaces: Another option to fixed touch screens is enabling the visitor’s own mobile phone to be the navigation tool. We can provide specialist apps that allow your clients to track their own progress around your location and quickly find their way from A to B.

Voice Interfaces: In the world of smart buildings and smart environments, it is becoming possible for a central building management system to know where your customers are in the building and guide them itself using audio and visual triggers. We can program voice interactions that communicate with visitors and give your building a personality.