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Screen Synchronization

The Synchronisation software is a key part of our tool kit for creating seamlessly synchronised media experiences across multiple displays and digital formats.

The Screen Synchronisation application enables different appliances to be locked together without the requirement to invest in expensive show control infrastructure. Screen Synchronisation provides the control system glue to enable one PC to launch another, or one piece of content to trigger another, or a wall of displays to act as one large synchronised digital canvas.

The power of the software is to create any shape or configuration of displays and be able to either show different data on each video wall tile or to simply overlay your media to create whole canvas experiences.

The power of story-telling over mixed mosaic walls of displays, is all about jumbling up the visual experience and sequencing different elements of the different content to create immersive, synchronised media experiences.

The Synchronisation software simply uses a server and the power of the network to lock the different media engines together.