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XR – AR/VR/MR for Industrial, Enterprise, and Business

XR is an umbrella term encompassing augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies. Fortune 500 companies are using XR for Enterprise and Business training, demonstrations, and product development. XR can be developed and experienced through a mobile display, smart glasses, or a fully immersive VR headset. DB Productions is working with companies to innovate and explore how XR can be integrated into their training and development initiatives.

We create custom software solutions and license our DBTech systems for companies who are looking for wanting to deploy programs using experimental learning via immersive technology.

Immersive Learning for the Future Workforce
  • As remote workforce training becomes a reality, XR is the future for education and training.
  • Accelerated digitization changes skill requirements, the future workforce requires a more active and ongoing approach to training.
  • By combining virtual environments and repeatable and standardized interactions, we can help provide experiential learning for individual worker’s needs.
  • Benefits of XR-enabled immersive training include lower costs, increased employee engagement, and the ability to mirror real-life situations.

XR – AR/VR/MR for Branded Engagement and Marketing

XR Marketing comes is a wide range of forms.

From 360º video productions to fully interactive real-time render multiuser VR – we’ve done it. AR for lenses, mobile apps, social and web, we have you covered. No other studio has the experience that DB Productions brings to the table.

Our Services include, Strategy planning for an Integrated Campaign, Concept and Creative, User Experience – UI/UX, Single Player and Multiplayer Expertise, C#, C++, Device Human Interface Guidelines, Cross-platform development, Unity and Unreal Engine, VR and AR control and navigation, VR and AR UI, 360º Stills / Video / Interactive, Physics, Bluetooth Communications, 2D Animation and Motion Graphics, 3D Graphics and Game Physics, Geolocation – Lat / Long + heading from magnetometer, Camera Integration (Scanning, Photos, Augmented Reality Overlays), Voice Recognition (Speech to Text), Gyroscope and Accelerometer, Augmented Reality – Camera, Location, Heading, Marker Recognition, 2D/3D Graphics, Networking – Web Services, Multiplayer, Security, Audio – Sound FX, Streaming, Music, Video – Local, Streaming, Asset Streaming and Downloadable Content, Push Notifications – Local and Remote, Social Integration – Facebook, Twitter, etc., Localization – Multi-languages, Database, notifications and cloud script, AWS – Amazon Web Services, Analytics