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Interactivity is the essence of collaboration. Empowering people to get up from behind their computers and share ideas in seamless and intuitive ways.

  • TOUCH - Gone are the days when people were afraid to touch a screen. Now people actively touch and expect immediate interactive responses from any digital display they encounter. Touch screens are a key plank in creating engaging customer experiences. On a one-to-one basis they give people the freedom to browse data at their own speed and explore based on their own preferences. On large canvases they allow people to easily share ideas and are the bedrock of collaboration.
  • VOICE, GESTURE, SENSORS - However, just as the touch screen replaced the mouse, so now are a host of new interactive concepts starting to unseat the touch screen. Siri, Alexa and Google Home have enabled a revolution in voice command interactivity. Devices like the Kinect and Leap Motion have opened up gesture based control. IOT sensors and devices have introduced automated and relational interactivity.