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Customer Experience Centers

We are a specialist Customer Experience Centre deployment partner for global corporations.

We provide an end-to-end managed service for Innovation and Customer Experience Centres

Design: Spacial design, customer journeys, media experiences and audio visual consultancy. Our design service is from floor plan to 3D fly-thru.

Installation: Complete build and deployment services for the installation of the experience centre interiors, technology and experiences.

Programming: The delivery of the software and interactive capabilities of the customer experience centre. Creating the customer journey and media experience.

Media Creation: The creation and re-purposing of client media to best tell the business use case story and to fit the relevant digital formats

Support: The ongoing management of the technology and the creative to ensure a fresh and reliable long term return on investment.

The Customer Experience Centre, More Than Just AV…

Although AV technology sits at the core of the Customer Experience Centre, it does not on its own deliver clear customer engagement and business use case story telling. The perfect customer experience centre is about bringing different AV platforms together, mixing in a range of communications, robotic, collaboration and control devices, designing spaces where people can flow from zone-to-zone and overlaying relevant use case to deliver stories that inspire different customer journeys.