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Developing creative for digital environments is all about taking your audience on a journey, a journey that optimises the message for the specific digital architecture and the relevant communication goals at each step.

Our creative teams shoot, animate, re-purpose and re-format rich, engaging media across all types of digital format. As part of a launch or an ongoing partnership, our teams will always ensure you maximise your digital return.

Media Repurposing: take existing media (powerpoint, images and videos) and optimised them for your digital platforms

Digital Media Creation: building new digital elements, animated stings, graphics and experiences.

Video Filming: filming new video experiences, capturing 2D, 3D, 360 degree and high resolution digital videos for single screens or mosaic walls.

Synchronised Video Experiences: making specialised content for mosaic video walls of mixed display formats across portrait and landscape displays.

Virtual Reality: building new virtual worlds and environments, to be experienced in VR headsets or within VR enabled caves, domes or tracking environments.

Augmented Reality: creating HTML and digital pop-ups for AR demo systems like the Daqri Smart Helmet and Microsoft Hololens.